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Fund the project your bank will not finance

The world of private/shadow financing.

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Reduce healthcare spend while improving benefits

Self-funded employee benefit plans.

Gaining, training and retaining human capital

Using incentives, tax credits and other programs to pay for it.

Subject matter experts on a contingency basis

Reduce expenses by using subject matter experts on a contingency basis.

Reducing risk while decreasing insurance costs

Analyzing and reducing risk for your business while decreasing insurance costs.

Managing cyber security risks

Best practices for understanding and managing your cyber security risks.

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The goal of the CFO Solution is to create a place to share ideas and information between all members. Experience is not just measured in length of time. Everyone has been through situations that could help inform other members. Take a look at a recent discussion topic and share some thoughts.
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Performance Analytics

Join Gary Bender, Tim Kufta, and other CFOs in the group as they discuss Performance Analytics. Specifically, they investigate Sales Analysis Models, AI, ChatGPT, and other analysis models used to target anomalies in your data. Learn about how to decide which (if any) analysis offerings are right for your product and customer mix.

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Paying it Forward

Built from necessity, shared with gratitude.
The groundwork for The CFO Solution was carefully crafted throughout the successful CFO career of its founder, Gary Bender. Having sat in the CFO chair for almost 20 years, Gary has found certain tried-and-true principles, practices and processes that have helped him navigate through even the most challenging economic climates. The CFO Solution is comprised of the most impactful strategies, resources and even contacts that Gary has spent a lifetime creating.
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Real testimonials written by real executives.
  • I have had the pleasure to work with CFO Solution team members on a number of occasions. Gary and his team of SME partners worked with our new controller, me and my project team in a professional and responsive manner and were even proactive in bringing valuable best practices to our attention and executing them for us flawlessly.

    Samuel D. Piazza, Sr.
    President & CEO // Universal Industrial Gases

  • We have considered the R&E tax credit for many years, but it seemed so daunting and confusing. Mike and his team at Research Tax Credits, LLC have guided us step by step, making it easier than we ever imagined. The team is incredibly proactive, professional, and timely in all of their obligations. One other fear going into this was that much of this work would fall on my shoulders, but RTC did an excellent job positioning themselves with many of our team to get better and more timely information on our projects and keep us on schedule.

    Bill Wydra
    President // Ashland Technologies, Inc.


    Ash Tec LOGO

  • I am very pleased with The CFO Solution. In December, Gary called me to make me aware of the Research and Development tax credit and I was skeptical that it applied to my software/web development business. He had one of his partners meet with me and in less than a month, both the Federal and PA tax credits were calculated, documented and ready for submission. They moved very quickly and professionally and as a result I was able to skip an estimated tax payment. The amounts were significant, their fees were very reasonable and the process is now in place for the future. I was so impressed with their knowledge and expertise that I have joined their monthly forum group to stay aware of other best practices.

    Jim Ludlow
    President // Liquid Interactive

  • I have been working with HireTech for almost a year now and have been very happy with the company. They have taken on the work for Blue Mountain to receive WOTC tax credits that I would not have had the time or staff to pursue. The process is simple with us providing every new employee the link to the HireTech site. The employee then provides the requested information to HireTech for them to perform the screening and they handle the process from there. Once a quarter, we load our payroll info for the screened employees for them to calculate and submit the credits to the respective tax authorities. Only after the tax credit have been accepted, do I have to pay a portion of the credit to HireTech. Throughout the process, I can use a simple, informative dashboard to view the overall process and WOTC credit status as well as a weekly status email of the employees who has and hasn’t screened and their eligibility status. Overall, I am very happy with HireTech and their simple, low maintenance, contingency pay process. I highly recommend them to anyone who is hiring staff to pursue the WOTC credits.

    Dave Deal
    CFO // Blue Mountain Resort

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