When the dust settles, I suspect many of the currently unemployed will go back to work but some will not.

This is to share that there is an alternative to COBRA or the individual policies offered by Blue Cross and AETNA and other majors.

Savings of 40% compared to COBRA or big carrier plans are available for a very simple reason.

Employer and large carrier plans MUST BE ACA approved which means you have to include coverages that you likely would not want or want to pay for if you had a choice.

You and your family may not need-maternity related coverage, experimental drug coverage, substance abuse rehab coverage or other mandated big plan coverage.

Also you may want a high deductible high copay plan OR a lower deductible plan which is not available via COBRA(you get to pay for whatever plan you “Used” to be in).

If you are interested OR want to pass this on to someone in a situation described above, contact me or share this and have them contact me.   Share with your networking groups please.

This can work for individuals, families or small businesses (from 2 to 50 lives). Frankly, it may not be worthwhile if there are significant existing medical conditions at which point COBRA is a “group based” alternative that is the only alternative to insurability in those situation.