I got  lots of thanks for the note (below) on healthcare a few days ago. Some of you thought it “Is too good to be true”. Remember we vet our best practices before we share them.

Please read below and share with those who would benefit from more affordable healthcare.

Two comments:
 1 – If you believe everything a broker, insurance salesman, Blue Cross or Aetna is telling you, I have a book you need to read! (and a horse to sell to you!)  Breaking through the Status Quo is the name of the book.   Written primarily for small and large company plans but the same facts pertain to all healthcare insurance (facts you will NOT read anywhere else).

2 –  Here are two real-life recent examples:
– Husband and wife, John and Carla, aged 58 and 55, were paying $1820 a month.   Replaced it with a better plan, same deductible and copays for $950 per month- a 50% reduction worth 10k a year.
– Husband and wife, Ed and Sue, aged 62 and 60, were paying $1975 and are now paying $1025 for the same coverage, etc.  $11k savings per year, almost a 50% reduction.
PS – These folks were not on COBRA plans. Compared to COBRA plans, their savings would have been greater.


Not only for couples or folks over 55.  It can work for kids out of college, one person consulting firms, entrepreneurs starting a company, singles, families, or parents with kids.  It can also work for companies with 20 employees.   Worth talking to our SME partner-Patrick.   I am glad to introduce you.  His email address is above. Local Pa guy who can help.

This will work for over 90% of folks.   If you are hard to insure because of history or current medical conditions, then a group plan that gives you the ability to get insured is where you need to get your insurance (and probably cheaper if you are one of those unlucky folks with 25 to 50k of expenses per year).

These customized programs are available in most states however certain states where the insurance commissioner appears to work for the large carriers (NY, NJ for example). They may not be available for someone in that state but worth a look since there are some workarounds.

Another example of truth in healthcare.  Once you have the facts and understand how the money flows you can reduce costs without reducing quality.   We have solutions for individuals, small/ medium and large private companies AND we have best practices that can save corporations, cities, universities and some nonprofits millions per year.

In EVERY CASE, your broker will NEVER tell you what we can teach you (or you can read a lot of it in the book-Breaking Through the Status Quo-an Amazon best seller-on the topic.   I think the book is about ten bucks on amazon.

If not worth the ten bucks and your time, I will buy you lunch or a drink!   IF it is, you can buy me lunch or a drink.