Hopefully those who applied for their PPP got their approval before Phase One funds ran out.

Ms Pelosi says Phase Two is close – I hate to count on her forecast!

There is a great webinar planned at 11 on Monday () by our partner and favorite speaker – Keith Campagna. He will spend 30 minutes piecing together conversations I have had these past few weeks with amazing thought leaders, CEOs, and a range of business leaders from across the globe.  Topics will include the death of work-life balance, organizational transformation basics, and time permitting, a sales methodology that is helping sales organizations grow revenue these next few quarters.

Click here and join me for a special LinkedIn Live session or Watch on Facebook or Watch on YouTube. For those finance leaders not able to join but interested in a one-on-one, they can contact me at keithcampagna@gmail.com or go to www.keithcampagna.com for more information.

For those looking for thoughts on working from home and the impacts on HR and IT, remember the access to the Fox Rothschild webinar that I offered a week ago.  From 1 to 2 on MWF.

For those looking for PPP and EIDL info, remember that Ami Kassar’s webinar are probably the best.

Finally, Eisner Ampner has offered us access to their daily PPP webinars.