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Couple of points that I have seen in various blurbs include:
Some CFOs who were planning or announced their retirement or a move to another opportunity will stay where they are to help their current firm recover and survive showing their loyaltySome CFOs will be recruited away because they prepared to the worst, had a plan and the ability to lead and drive a successful recovery (and they will replace CFOs who were a bit complacent or stunned in the current crisis situation).   I know CFOs who are in search and currently interviewing for exactly this reason.   A casual search turned into an urgent need to replace the incumbent CFO and bring in new thinking, energy and leadership skills.

Ernie Russom shared a blurb on hiring during the crisis: Hiring During The COVID-19 Health Crisis

Businesses are still hiring during the current period of record unemployment. Distributors and manufacturers are hiring hourly wage earners to fulfill demands that are directly related to the crisis. Executives are being hired to fulfill pre-existing vacancies or to fill a gap that has to be filled.

The crisis has created unique hiring challenges that must be addressed to assure a successful hire. These include:

1) During an economic crisis, candidates often resist leaving a known employer for an unknown.
a. Research will reveal the candidate’s unfulfilled employment needs and how the potential employer can fulfill these needs.
b. Position the values of the new employer as the most desirable alternative to fulfill these needs

2) Social Distancing may cause incomplete candidate vetting.
a. Strategic inclusion of Virtual Interviewing Tools creates a thorough hiring process
b. Advanced analysis of the culture of the hiring organization and the candidate will reveal if there is congruency.
c. Thorough professional reference evaluation will validate the candidate’s professional accomplishments and interpersonal skills

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Ernest W. Russom III
Executive Director
The Westview Associates