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Cut the C.R.A.P. to Reduce Private Company Healthcare Costs at Least 25%


Why Attend

You’ll never hear a CFO tell the CEO or the employees how much they enjoy renewal.


They’re always bracing themselves for “less bad news,” but there is a way to lower costs without reducing benefits.

The CFO Solution will help you cut the C.R.A.P. hidden in your health spend – claims, reserves, admin and premiums – from leading Masterminds in the benefits world.


Data shows that over 70% of privately held firms can reduce the cost of their current healthcare plan at least 25% – has your broker told you how to do this?


We’re sharing the results on how quickly this can be done
when you focus on numbers and outcomes.


Tangible Takeaways for C-Suites & HR Execs


Skin in the Game: Expert advice from consultants that work for business owners – not the insurance carriers. Learn best practices that have worked for companies like you – by advisers who are only compensated on a pay for performance basis.


Do Something NOW: Take action to implement change with your existing plan and broker. All you want to do is improve your benefits and reduce costs for your firm and employees. This can be accomplished if your broker is willing to put their pocketbook aside and work with you in mind.

Stronger Together: There are strategies available for small and mid-size organizations to leverage the same buying power of large corporations. Gain access to better underwriting and stop loss, so you can operate on a whole new playing field.


By the Best, For the Best: Listen to stories from CFOs and Executives who have leveraged their peers for new ways to solve old problems. As a best practice sharing group, we’re doing just that – sharing and telling the best lessons learned.



Accepting another renewal like last year (and the one before that) is a missed opportunity and guaranteed cost increase.



Who Should Attend: CFOs, CEOs, Business Owners and HR Leaders.


Events are always complimentary but extremely limited.


Expert Collaborators


Yes, I’m ready to cut the C.R.A.P. and create change within my organization.