CFO Forum: 7/22/2020

CFO Forum – July 2020

Preparing to Sell Your Business

Today’s ZOOM and live event featured a panel of two of our very experienced CFO discussing how to prepare for the sale of your business and selling it.

John Dunbar (multi firm CFO who has done at least five exits in the last 20 years) and Joe Montesano (who has done at least two exits) shared an excellent presentation ranging on the entire process, the demands on the CFO and the good and bad lessons learned.

There were too many lessons and best practices to summarize here so please view (and save the slides). I will get the due diligence checklist for your to review and retain for possible use in the future.

Bottom line is that preparing for a sale and managing the sale is a full time, stressful job for the CFO AND the day job still needs to be done-calmly and professionally so the rest of the organization does not figure out that the company may be sold.

Event Host

Gary Bender

Gary is the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award-winning CFO in NEPA. He’s a business owner, CFO, and a public speaker. Call Gary anytime at 215.421.8291

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