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A quick note…

A quick note from the forum founder, Gary Bender.

I am very pleased that Paul and his team have asked me to share our knowledge with you and have offered to make this info accessible to you (via our monthly sessions, the ZOOM recordings and our library of content) and no cost to you. Paul respects you and believes you can contribute your best practices and might benefit from some of our ideas. We intend to have a regularly scheduled monthly Zoom session to address topics and best practices. Since we are so busy, those sessions will be recorded and made available.

PCS Events

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PCS August Session

Session 1: Use of Payment Info
View Slides
Session 2: Reducing Rx Costs
Intro Slides
Appro Slides
PBM Slides

PCS June Session

Creating a Safety Culture & Profiting From It + Anticipating an Exit
Watch Video
View Slides

PCS May Session

Best Practices in Facility Management & Cyber Security
Watch Video
View Slides

PCS March Session

Managing Real Estate Strategically and How to Reduce Energy Usage and Cost
Watch Video
View Slides

PCS February Session

CFO Forum: Best Practices for Recruiting, Onboarding, Training & Retention + Reduce Costs on Leased/Owned Facilities
Watch Video
View Slides (Part 1)
View Slides (Part 2)

PCS December Session

Best Practices on The Use of Contingency Experts to Reduce Costs
Watch Video
View Slides

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