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Chief Financial Officer. It’s an impressive title.

CFO. In the executive suite with the perks and privileges and clout. Right? Not in my world. CFO entitles you to one big job – that is the privilege to serve across your organization and meet your internal and external customers where they need you most using the special and particular financial knowledge you’ve accumulated over a lifetime of hard work and even harder decisions.

As a CFO, you create your own career path across different industries, serving different types of organizations, bosses and customers. As such, you have come away with your own particular brand of expertise. When we gather in a CFO Forum, we find that each of us brings their unique lifetime of experience to the event and, as such, are able to help other people in the room who bring their difficult problems to the group.

Over decades in the world of corporate finance, I realized all your accumulated wisdom is invaluable. It can’t be lost to time, attrition, retirement or mortality. So I’ve made it my mission to collect, organize and archive the centuries of accumulated wisdom of my colleagues in one place to benefit our successors. And that is what you now are viewing on your screen.

This knowledgebase is a compendium of best practices from CFOs who have worked at the top organizations in the world solving some of the biggest problems in the world. It is intended to make you – a CFO or an aspiring CFO – into what we have come to call a CFO Plus. A CFO Plus is exactly what its name suggests: a CFO Plus is a chief financial officer who is much more than a financial wizard for the business because he works beyond the narrow confines of the traditional finance role to reach into all pockets of the organization from human resources to information technology to manufacturing and on and on and on.

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